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 =SA= Clan 3rd year anniversary

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PostSubject: =SA= Clan 3rd year anniversary    Fri 15 Feb - 0:00

It is a proud moment for me to announce that we have finally crossed the milestone for the 3rd year in 2013. Officially known as 3rd Clan Anniversary. An obstacle not easily won. A target not easily achieved. For people in the assaultcube community and the online players, they know what kinda feat it is. Committment, loyalty and faith; the most important ingredient for our success today. We were standing here before, we are standing here now and we shall strive to stand here in future as well.. with strength and pride. As each year passes by, a new obstacle will slow us to reach our goal. A new lesson that will teach us to be better for the future. While the clan has lost old comrades, we shall make new ones with trust while extending our friendship. The clan has been in good shape and in good hands of the 2nd Core members batch aka Senates for awhile and it has proved that it was the right decision for the new management to take over and run the clan.  I wish to thank the clan members at this time for their support and active participation in the clan affairs and in gaming as well. I am proud to see our clan reach the 3rd milestone and hope to see it reach the next 4th clan anniversary, better and stronger. I thank the Assaultcube Community for thier support and friendship. Thank you and long live =SA= Clan.

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=SA= Clan 3rd year anniversary
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