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 Match servers

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PostSubject: Match servers   Sat 16 Mar - 8:41

I create this topic for the menu with all match servers. At the begining Smash want this menu but i prefer post it here for all people.

Open the file menu_multiplayer in AssaultCube_v1.1.0.4\config, and delete all (keep a copy), and copy all this code. (You can delete servers, some are down)


You can add other nick for make a list with all alias you want use. After you can tip on AC "/bind n [showmenu Nickmenu]", for see only the menu with you nicks.
For fun you can change colors with the range of numbers 0 at 9. For exemple here you can see before the nick unarmed the number 0, you can remplace it by another for what you like Wink
On this picture the 1st color is the number 1, the 2nd 2... The last nick is the color 0.

I hope this topic will help you for future match Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Match servers   Sat 16 Mar - 21:47

nice job valffy Very Happy
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Match servers
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