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 Invitation for =SA=

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PostSubject: Invitation for =SA=   Mon 6 Jan - 5:02

Invitation – 2 Years of 45 – 3rd 45 Family Day

(( Pls read OR watch the clip: click to watch ))

In Summer 2013 45 started a new tradition: The 45 Family Day.

It is like a Party on ts3 that we used to bring all members of the 45 family and our honorary members together to play together for some hours just for fun. It was a great success and all people liked it very much.

For our 2nd anniversary in January we want to celebrate this with a family day again. Since we are considering ourselves as a social family clan we want to use this occasion to invite not only 45 & honorary members, but to invite all the people & clans who became friends with us and bring them all together to have a nice time and much fun.

But what can we offer besides that you can meet a lot of friendly and nice people on 1 server? xD

The event will be divided into two parts.
First we want to play fun games for some hours in different channels like
TLSS, Wolf and Lamb (Tag), Zombie Mode*, Castle Storm**, Special CTF** and a Gema Special***. There will be enough talking channels, if you need a break or just want to hang out with people.
And after that we plan to make a fun CTF tournament. All people who are willing to play will be put into random teams to play a little friendship tournament (with 5 to 10 minutes each game so that nobody gets bored). And after that? We just do what people like to do. Smile

* new for with music support by para
** new mode for this celebration only
*** game mode premiere


Date: 18-Jan-2014

Where: 45-ts → 45-clan.de (don't worry, we will have enough slots for all people)

Times (all in gmt+1):

5pm – 6pm Little Meeting for 45 and honorary members who want to be there, too – moderated by Baruch/Alea
6pm – 9pm Official Start with little opening speech / fun games – moderated miro/para
9pm – xxxpm CTF Fun Tournament (time depends on how much people want to play) – moderated by Todesgurke/Snowman

We hope YOU will join our celebration! Smile

In case you wanna download the zip-file: click to download
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Invitation for =SA=
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