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 A message to new applicants

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PostSubject: A message to new applicants   Thu 6 Feb - 6:41

To all new applicants. Please read this with care. If you prefer to skim through this, don't bother applying. Not to sound rude but this is very important! Smile

All of us here at =SA= wish to welcome you to our humble home. You could have come here from a
referral or even by just word of mouth. However you got here please make sure that you understand
what we are all about. You must also read the official =SA= rules before applying.

Friendship and community are the driving forces behind our clan and it's propelled us
from a small group of friends into a group of dedicated members who have shaped this close knit community. Our gaming skills have developed over time. Most of us did not start in this clan as great players but rely just on experience to improve our skills. You are not required to be one of the best players out there, but we expect you to have outstanding character. No complaining, trolling or treating others with disrespect. Each =SA= member is a representative of the clan and every action they take reflects upon us.

We respect all cultures and shy away from stereotypes. This is an international clan so we want to
also promote cultural understanding between all members which comprise of many countries,
nationalities and religions. This means political conversation is generally frowned upon especially if it  puts our members at odds with each other.  We are all open-minded people who love to share ideas and try new things.
Every member has a role in the clan and we expect some type of contribution; whether it's a server,
talent such as mapping/modding, or even great involvement in our forums and irc.

Recruiting method:

RCJD Edit:  Here's Lateralus' original message

The updated Recruitment Method can be found here:  http://sa-clan.darkbb.com/t1022-recruitment-rules-application-form#8463 Make sure you read it!

The =SA= rules must also be read:  http://sa-clan.darkbb.com/t29-sa-official-clan-rules#84

That's it!
If you make it to this point, then you are a full-fledged =SA= member! Add the =SA= tag and scream "Long Live the Sniper Alliance!!"

Our governing structure is just for operating purposes and serve as our voting body. Every clan member is thought of as an equal so your impact is only as good as your influence. Here's a little secret that will greatly help you in =SA=.. The more you participate, the greater your influence! It would greatly help to browse our forums a bit to understand the dynamics of the clan.
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A message to new applicants
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