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Latest News : Recruitment at =SA= is OPEN. If interested, post your application in the "Recruitment" forum! | CapOne and PhaNtom members in the clan have left! | Whitelist updated

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The =SA= Clan has been around since February 2010. You may have noticed one of us in game. We are a community based clan that gains strength through its member's interaction. We are building a respectable clan that promotes a cheat free and troll free AssaultCube community. As of now, we are 8 members with 6 active members who can vote on applications.

Please stop by our IRC channel in Gamesurge at #=SA= and visit our forums.
Our site address is http://www.sa-clan.darkbb.com or http://www.tsa-clan.tk
Our IRC chat can be accessed from our forum portal.
If you are interested in joining =SA= please post a new topic in the recruitment section. We expect you to be mature and to be fully committed into joining the clan if you apply. You will need to be willing to invest some time in getting to know us before we test you and get to know you!

Thanks for your time, hope to see you soon!  

Infos needed in your application:

1. Name (first name is fine):
2. In-Game name(s) (list all):
3. Country + Timezone:
4. Age:
5. Gender:
6. What good will/can you bring to =SA=?:
7. How long you have been playing AC?:
8. Do you know any =SA= members?:
9. Other clans you have been in? Why you left?:
10. How often/how many hours you play per day?:
11. Have you ever been blacklisted? (Before/Now) Why?:
12. Do you have TeamSpeak 3 client installed on your computer? How often can you be on?
13. Have you read the =SA= clan roster, the message for applicants and the =SA= rules and the thread concerning teamspeak client:
14. Contract with =SA=: If you agree to all rules, write this: "I have read all rules and promise to stick to the rules. I have also clicked on all links above and read all infos and agree to them." Then sign with your name/gamertag.

Note: Please try to enter every piece of wanted information so that we can properly evaluate you.
The more information you give, gives you a better chance of joining.

Application Process Rules :
1. Multiple tests with screen-shots are a must BEFORE voting F1 on an application.

2. Currently, a minimum of 3 F1's from the "active members" are needed to be enlisted in the clan.

3. One week of trial membership in which former members (=SA=Member) and new member (=SA=Member | Trial) can play together and get to know each other even more. The trial applicant will still be judged during this trial period.

5. 2 x F2’s will cancel the applicant's application instantly.

6. Applicants with history of blacklisted for hacking/cheating will be rejected.

7. Applicants with history of blacklisted for trolling in the past must clear their name in the AC forums first and provide proof of such before applying for =SA= clan.

8. The application process will not be extended beyond 1-2 month.  It is the applicant's responsibility to become a Trial Member by 1 month since starting the application.

9. Applicants must declare their history without fail.  Expect an IP check by =SA=.

10. 16 years of age is the minimum requirement for applying for the clan. Exceptions are acceptable for the deserving players.

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