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 Thank you friends

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PostSubject: Thank you friends   Mon 13 Apr - 1:44

I'm sure you made this decision with a very heavy heart. I have had many good memories here at =SA=. Looking back now it has had a bigger impact on me than I would have expected. Cheers to all who made this journey special. Also, thank you to those who were loyal all the way through. I applaud you. Comet, I consider this a major win for you. By your leadership, this clan succeeded in its goal and stayed true to its values. Our resolve was tested many times but you still pulled through. Remember that it lasted even longer than the time we were officially on the AC roster. We were lone wolves for a lengthy period Smile 5 solid chapters written. Now begins the Epilogue. Applause to Mr. Comet and everyone else that made this journey so worthwhile.  
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PostSubject: Re: Thank you friends   Thu 16 Apr - 5:30

Hey, Its always nice to see old mates here. How are you? Hope all is well for you. BTW IRC is still operational rabbit

It wasn't an easy decision but a necessary one. I just don't know how our clan survived this long with soo many issues and obstacles. Finally the clan has reached its stop from its long journey. I wasn't chosen for the leadership cause i was leader material. I rather say that we all ran the clan than my title alone. Nothing can replace those memories of mine here with you and others which i still cherish. I think Its safe to say that comradeship is one of the foremost reasons why i was here and how long i stayed. Nothing else. While i know that repeating this experience and setup of a clan in future can be unrealistic. I still hope one day we all can get together for old times sake. I will hang around in this forums and Internet as well like a wanderer without a place to stay since i dont have an active clan to call home. I will always be reachable for you guys anytime, anywhere. I wish you and others nothing but the best in life farao
Take care king


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Thank you friends
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