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 Mega Zomboe Mod

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PostSubject: Mega Zomboe Mod   Sun 16 Oct - 8:39

It took me a while to collaborate test and edit all of this. Its a zombie mod made using older zombie mods and X-Ray Dog's script.
Forum Thread - http://forum.cubers.net/thread-4038.html
Download - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6052365/MegaZombies_mod.zip
I want to say thank you to the following people who's content made this mod come together:
X-Ray Dog for his Zombie Script which makes it work!
an_old_man for playermodels, flags, kevlar and hands.
Ph[]3n!X and r2zer0 for the zombie player models and more maps which they gathered for their mod.
NOTE: None of these maps would work without the help of V-man!!!!!
NOTE2: Iguana edited the maps so that they would work.
zm_convict - Icarus, Archangel, Cx0
ac_smalltown - Ph[]3n!x and snoosnoo
zombie_attack2! - Ativo
zm_graveyard - UNKNOWN
zombie_attack - UNKNOWN

If you have any maps or anything that you think will improve this please say so and I'll add them in Smile

Copy and paster the megazombie_mod.bat file into the root folder of your assaultcube.
Do the same with the folder within the mods folder. Copy it into the mods folder on your assaultcube.
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Mega Zomboe Mod
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